Monday, August 1, 2011

WILDEFIRE Olympics Roundup

My apologies that the final 2 days of the WILDEFIRE Olympics are so late--but I have a good excuse. I was in NYC for the weekend, without internet access, to give a reading and signing for WILDEFIRE at the fabulous Books of Wonder in Manhattan. Singlehandedly one of the coolest events of my life, and thank you to Peter for hosting!

So without further adieu, I give you the official Karsten Knight playlist for WILDEFIRE, along with the chapter when you should be listening to that song:

Chapter 1: Lightning Rod
Your Own Love by VersaEmerge

Chapter 2: Sleepwalker
Long Life (Where’d You Go) by Great Big Sea

Chapter 3: Blue Flame

I’m in Here by Sia

Chapter 4: The Beach Scrolls
Yesteryear by Rosi Golan

Chapter 5: Chain Gang
Above and Below (Moon Version) by the Bravery

Chapter 6: Burning Bed
Veni Veni Emmanuel as performed by Hayley Westenra

Chapter 7: Handprint
Angels ft. Norah Jones by Wax Poetic

Chapter 8: Match Point
Ignorance by Paramore

Chapter 9: Midnight Movie
Thrown Away by VAST

Chapter 10: Masquerade
Sunrise by Yellowbirddd

Chapter 11: Sibling Rivalry
Wait it Out by Imogen Heap

Chapter 12: Extinguished
Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles

Closing Credits
Soldier by Ingrid Michaelson

I'll be drawing the winner of the two 16x20 inch canvases of the WILDEFIRE cover (and the bonus prizes) on Thursday, so to recap, here are the chances you have for entries (one point for each task):

1) Like the WILDEFIRE fan page on facebook
2) Tweet or facebook a picture of you and WILDEFIRE
3) Do something nice for a (non-WILDEFIRE) book that you love
4) Tweet or facebook your favorite Karsten Knight video
5) Tweet or facebook your favorite line from WILDEFIRE
6) Tweet or facebook your favorite song

If you tweet, just use the #Wildefire hashtag or if you use facebook, tag the Wildefire fan page. Ta-da! Remember to comment below identifying all the ways you participated, along with your name and email. Spreading the word about this contest will win you my admiration and gratitude, which are more valuable than a beautiful canvas, right? Right??

In the mean time, here's a clip from Thursday's WILDEFIRE book launch and reading. Thanks Gail for taking the video!


  1. Great contest! Love the playlist. I commented on each blog post, but to wrap it all up, I:

    (1) Liked the new Wildefire Fan Page on FB
    (2) Tagged Wildefire on FB with a pic of me and the book
    (3) Passed my ARC of How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr to a fellow reviewer and took The Giving Tree on a play date with my fave childhood tree friend
    (4) FB tagged my fave video
    (5) Tweeted my fave line in book (handle is writeloudly)
    (6) FB tagged fave song in playlist

    PHEW ... exhausted! Kinda sad the Wildefire Olympics are over. This was so much fun! Hope it helped spread the word for you!

    Sera Rivers

  2. Wow, I loved the olympics idea, even if if did run a litte late :)

    -I liked the facebook page (Joely Alt)
    -I submitted my favourite author video (Time capsule)
    -chose my favourite song from the playlist (Wait it Out by Imogen Heap),
    -Did something nice for a non-wildefire book (recommended a book for a friend, clockwork angel).
    I think that's it :)
    And I did that on twitter (!/bookluver1208)

    Thanks again for this giveaway! :)

    Joely Aly

  3. I commented on the previous posts (except the liking the fan page; I don't have a Facebook) Thank you so much for the Olympics!! It was fun :D

    1) Tweeted a picture of the book with myself (though my face is cut off)-!/BoredPerson8/status/96111912496005120
    2) Gave a copy of "White Cat" by Holly Black to friends and my sister.
    3) Tweeted my favorite video-!/BoredPerson8/status/96693297950621696
    Well, I loved *all* of your videos, so I kind of chose one randomly.
    4) Tweeted my favorite line-!/BoredPerson8/status/98152861304762369
    5) Tweeted my favorite song-!/BoredPerson8/status/98153872601788416

    Karen Chan

  4. I'm sad I missed out on all the Wildefire Olympics fun--well I did so some of the things, but I was never very good at organized competitions and I did it for the love of books anyhow.

    Though I wouldn't mind a Director's Cut of Wildefire, but my ARC is pretty well marked up from my own notes so... XD

  5. The Wildefire Olympics were fun.:-D

    1) Liked the WILDEFIRE fan page on facebook

    2) Tweeted a picture of WILDEFIRE with me

    3) Did something nice for Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers (Tweeted about how much I loved it.)

    4) Tweeted my favorite video: The Alpha Male

    5) Tweeted my favorite line from WILDEFIRE

    6) Tweeted my favorite song

    Twitter: @lyssad87

    Alyssa Durrstein

  6. So I caught up in the olympics a little bit during the delay.

    For day two, I posted a photo of myself and the book on Twitter. I think my face is supposed to be wary, although I wouldn't quite say that's how it came out.!/lizpatanders/status/98194534109937664

    For day three, I got my friend Shanyn a copy of Woflsbane by Andrea Cremer. The best part about it was that I actually want to the Wolfsbane release party, so Shanyn is getting a signed and personalized copy. Yay!

    Northfield, MN

  7. I've liked the Wildefire page on FB on day 1

    I've purchased a series of non-Wildefire books for someone who I thought would love them on day 3

    I tweeted my favorite vlog - yeah it was the instructional dance video. Also posted it to my FB.

    Tweeted my favorite line from Wildefire.

    Tweeted my favorite song from Wildefire today.

    And thank you, this is my first ever Olympics. While I feel that I'm probably only as successful as the Jamaican bobsled team, I'm honored just to have participated.

    fiktshun [at] gmail [dot] com

  8. -I liked the Wildefire facebook page
    -I paid it forward - I sent Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini, Going Bovine by Libba Bray, and Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky to my friend in St Louis.
    -I tweeted my favorite video (the one in which you drape yourself with Christmas lights) :!/inthebestworlds/status/96674787149086720
    -I tweeted my favorite line from Wildefire: (it got kinda long so it was on three tweets - 1)!/inthebestworlds/status/97022785762754560 2)!/inthebestworlds/status/97022972006637568 3)!/inthebestworlds/status/97023111572107264
    -I tweeted my favorite song:!/inthebestworlds/status/98424983583326212


  9. that you're wearing an aloha shirt. I haven't entered the contest (which stinks, since the cover is gorgeous) but congratulations again on Wildefire! And that is a solid playlist.

  10. 1. I liked the Fan Page (Tabitha Qualls)
    2. I tweted my favorite song!
    3. I tweeted my favorite video!


  11. Tweeted my favorite song!/han_liz/status/98826378983653376

    Naseoul Lee

  12. I THINK I'm in just under the wire, and I liked the FB page.
    Name: Jasmine Stairs
    Email: jasmine dot medusa at gmail dot com
    reading status: Two chapters in after starting it at SDCC, and REALLY enjoying it.