Monday, November 22, 2010

Karsten Knight's Time Capsule: Take 2

I know I already posted about the 10 Items I'd put in a Karsten Knight time capsule, but it was the subject on the YA Rebels this week, so now you get to see it live.

Two people already disliked this video. Do we think it was because
1) They disliked me eating Lucky Charms on camera
2) They think my cologne smells offensive
3) I made a Star Wars joke
4) They are just haters
5) All of the above


  1. Two words.



    (And again, it wasn't me).

  2. I have to vote for #5. Your vlogs are always entertaining, and though you can't please everyone, just know that I always enjoy watching your posts every time. Keep on vlogging!

  3. Dislike! Donkey Kong 3? Really? Why not Super Mario--the one with Mario 1,2, and 3! Because that one ROCKS.


  4. Maybe they find the idea of smelling like christmas offensive?

    I have no idea why though because I LOVE that christmas smell. But for me thats oranges for some STRANGE reason..

  5. Uh, hello. You wasted perfectly good cologne by sticking it in a time capsule. I'd be disliking that all over the place. Next time, just dump the entire bottle on yourself before you freeze yourself in carbonite. At least you'll smell good good when they open the time capsule. Just like Christmas. And you will not be a waster.

  6. I thought your time capsule was great. Interesting things that you put into it.

  7. Why does everyone remember 'pamplemousse'?

    And yes, your French is horrible. If you ever need an interpreter...


    (Not a stalker. Really.)

  8. Are you really playing the guitar left-handed or is the image flipped? Just wondering. Not surprised that you play a musical instrument, either. It seems some of the best writers are also musically inclined.

    And I have no idea why anyone would hate this video. #weirdos

  9. Who are you and where have you been all my life? Hmm, that is a very depressing thing that Borders is closing. I would be in tears and screaming like a koala or something. Do koala's even scream? Hmm... Maybe sloths do. Do they, God of all sloth knowledge?

  10. Hmmm...I personally find the cologne thing troubling. IMHO - not a strong choice. A.) Artifical smells of any kind give me a migraine and B.) I think it's extraordinarily difficult to wear cologne without veering off into douchey territory (see, Mayer, John). C.) As Christina Hendricks so ably explained in her open letter to men in Esquire magazine, the stronger choice is just to go with the scent of you. Outside of that, though, I thought it was a nice time capsule.

  11. That was brilliant! Haha and lucky charms are delicious :)