Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vlog #16: Moonshine and Risky Business

Since these vlogs are all filmed from the waist up, have you ever wondered if I'm wearing pants?

What can I say--writing is a Risky Business. **Cough**


  1. I wouldn't advise anyone try to google "Karsten Knight sucks." My computer really didn't like it, and I'm lucky to still have a functioning motherboard.

  2. Cool! I like the song.

    Oh, and the dance.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one with an anthem for my novel. (Actually, it's a whole soundtrack, but the big one is "Uprising Down Under" by Sam Roberts.) I lack the crazy skills to make my own cover, though! The song is great. I am jealous.
    (And your dancing skills are pretty boss, too.)

  4. Before I went to a live taping of Saturday Night Live, I'd always assumed the Weekend Update anchors were wearing full-on business attire. Imagine my disenchantment upon discovering that Tina Fey's blazer was paired with jeans.

    This was not so disappointing. Love the song!

  5. You should do cabaret.

    I had no clue about Google. :o Thanks for informing me.

  6. LOL, your vlogs crack me up!