Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vlog #14: Tall Trees, Wide Trees, Some as Big as Your Head

This week on the YA Rebels, we discuss setting. The only light in my room blew right before I was about to film, and I had to film this brief discussion on WILDEFIRE's locales in the dark.

Sorry for the drastic shifts in volume.


  1. Yikes. I prefer not to get my teeth that white. Reminds me of that episode in Friends where Ross uses too much whitening stuff.

    But if you ever do get a chance to go see the Redwood Forest, by all means, do. I had the unforeseen luck of getting to drive through the park on my way to visit my dad down in Crescent City. It's definitely a worthy trek if you can make it.

  2. Crest should pay you for air time.

    Always entertaining and informative (re: "It's a forest").

  3. Jeffrey, one of the chapters takes place in Crescent City!

    And thanks Kelly, I should really start working on endorsements...

  4. Your teeth are soooooo white. Like whiter than the pages of a book. I'm going out to get Crest Whitening strips like any time now. Maybe next week.