Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vlog #12: How to Pick Up a Zebra

This week's topic was "opening lines." I got confused. This was the result.

Warning, video contains: zombie unicorns, zebra pickup lines, Christmas tree impersonations, sparkling vampires, and bad metaphors.


  1. This was classic: I've got more game than Milton Bradley. Almost as awesome as your zebra pick-up line! ;]

    Ah, first lines. How they screw with my mind...

  2. You, sir, can deadpan with the best of them.

    That horror movie analogy is quite apropos. Right on. Or possibly write on? Either way, excellent vlog.

  3. Great entry. And it's so easy to mix up great "first lines" yours made me laugh and spill the drink on the keyboard. Thank goodness just water today!

  4. Perfect pick up line. And you are right about red wine. lol

  5. Frikkin Ey! You are hilarious! I'm crying!